• Camel spiders are related to both spiders and scorpions but are neither oneRead More
  • Camel spiders breathes in the same manner as insects and not like scorpionsRead More
  • Camel spiders are not dangerous nor venomous - they just occur to live in desertsRead More
  • Most stories about camel spiders originates from one clever photo misrepresenting the size of a camel spiderRead More
  • Camel spiders are expert at finding shade. Excellent when you are a desert animalRead More
  • Camel spiders can eat animals as big as small rodentsRead More
  • Camel spiders can reach velocities of up to 10 miles per hourRead More
  • Camel spiders lay their egg in the sandRead More
  • The Greeks were the first to recognize camel spiders as a separate speciesRead More
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Camel Spider Videos

By Anders Nielsen, Ph.d.

Lizard vs. Camel Spider

This video shows that the carnivorous camel spiders can capture and eat relatively large animals. In this video, it is a lizard that has been caught and killed. Because of its large chelicerae, the camel spider has enough power to deliver the final crush on whatever reasonable prey it encounters.

The video is taken by soldier in either Afghanistan or Iraq. As it is Danish soldiers, it could be both.

Fight Between Two Camel Spiders

You might wonder if post traumatic stress syndrome has something to do with some of the activities soldiers in Iraq are doing when they are not on patrol. This video shows a battle between two camel spiders with some exciting music added. In the end, one of the camel spiders wins and begins chewing the remains of its opponent.

Eating a Camel Spider

I think this video is from one of those programs where people get to see something really nasty. A guy named Bear Gryll eats a camel spider in this video. He is in the desert where he catches a camel spider, kills it, chops off its legs, and finally chews and swallows it.

Worst Movie Ever: "Camel Spiders"

With a rating on IMDB of 2.7 out of 10, the 2011 horror movie, Camel Spiders, might go down in history as the worst movie in the year of 2011. Reviews state that they hope the producer will never again do a movie about anything. The camel spider movie doesn't have any plot, and the actions and acting are really bad.

You can see more Camel spider movies at YouTube and at Vimeo.


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